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Beware Digital Eye Strain

Beware Digital Eye Strain : Steps To Protect | Greenery Page Digital eye strain is the physical eye discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in front of a digital screen Every year, more than ten million patients visit eye doctors for problems related to digital eye strain. How much time do we actually spend on screens? Nearly two decades into the 21st century, most of us have nightly rituals that include checking our smartphones before bed. This might not be the healthiest way to end our days. Many eye doctors are concerned about the effects our screen time could have on our vision and our health, and the main cause of that concern is blue light. ➤More than nine out of 10 people with digital eye strain use devices for two or more hours each day. ➤77% of the individuals who suffer from digital eye strain use two or more devices simultaneously.  Digital eye strain can leave you with uncomfortable eyes and unfocused v
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